C++ Keywords

Hi everyone, inside this article we will see about C++ Keywords.

C++ keywords are reserved words in the C++ programming language that have a special meaning and cannot be used as variable names or identifiers. They are used to perform specific operations and functions within the code, such as controlling the flow of a program, declaring variables and data types, and defining functions.

Examples of C++ keywords include “if”, “for”, “while”, “int”, “float”, “return”, and many others. The use of keywords in C++ helps make the code more readable and standardized, as they have specific rules and syntax that must be followed.

List of Keywords

Here are some of the keywords in C++ programming language:

auto, break, case, char, const,

continue, default, do, double, else,

enum, extern, float, for, goto,

if, int, long, register, return,

short, signed, sizeof, static, struct,

switch, typedef, union, unsigned, void,

volatile, while

Note: C++ also includes several reserved words that have special meaning in the language and cannot be used as identifiers.

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